This fantastic Corporate Treasure Hunt can be brought to a HCM City of your choice as an exciting and exhilarating event for you, your team, and your clients. Our challenging Scavenger Hunts take on a number of styles and formats which work in any city-centre location, and provide a fun and competitive event that will have your group interacting & working together in a unique and entertaining way. City Scavenger Treasure Hunts are perfect for taking individuals and placing them in a challenging environment in which they are forced to work together towards their common goal.
Teams will set off into the midst of their chosen city searching for clues and answers relating to the various 'Zones'. Each zone has a selection of questions and puzzles linked to the area they are in, such as popular landmarks, buildings and places of interest. In addition to answering questions, teams will be asked to scavenge items related to each letter of the word scavenger, whilst obtaining 10 photos relating to the challenges they come across. 
In addition to the various challenges teams must complete on their journey, they will also be sent clues as to the whereabouts of the Vietnam Team Building Company fugitive who will be hiding somewhere in the city! With only a limited time to find him / her, teams must be on the ball to follow the clues to the right location to get a picture of their team with that elusive fugitive before the time runs out and it's too late. Go teams go! 
Each team will be provided with a scavenger kit bag containing the everything you need to successfully complete your challenge including all of the following items:
  • Full challenge instructions including question pack
  • Set of city and colour coded zone maps
  • Emergency contact information
  • Bespoke start and finish addresses
  • First aid kit
  • Camera and list of photo challenges
  • Scavenger items list and collection bag
  • Pens and pencils 

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