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Coaching for Performance

According Teambuilding known, Leaders and managers are not generally looking to become coaches but they do want to develop a 'coaching management style' to be able to unleash potential in their organization. Coaching for Performance integrated programme (C4P-i) is the industry gold standard executive coaching training for managers and leaders of organizations, with outstanding results.

“Coaching for Performance is the best training course I have attended in my 16 years with Medtronic.”
Simon Losasso, Senior Learning and Development Specialist Medtronic Italia S.p.A.
(Performance Consultants partners with Medtronic to deliver coaching training in 14 countries)

C4P-i is a three-module blended learning pathway designed specifically to develop a coaching style of management and leadership. Deep learning and long-term behaviour change are supported through a blend of techniques including face-to-face training (six days in total), executive coaching and e-Learning.

The six days of training can be delivered in person around the globe or completed via distance learning which offers the flexibility to plan learning around other commitments, with no need for travel or extensive time away and significant savings on in-person courses.

Who Will Benefit?

The training offers a unique opportunity to develop authentic and powerful coaching and leadership in organizations which integrates performance and purpose. C4P-i is especially suitable for:

  • Leaders and managers who want to develop a coaching style of leadership;
  • Leaders implementing organizational change;
  • HR and L&D professionals looking to retain and develop talent or build the coaching capability within their organization.

Coaching for Performance (Foundation)

The first two-day module introduces participants to the principles and practice of performance coaching and enables them to discover the true power of coaching within organizations. They will develop valuable new skills, tools and behaviours that are the basis for creating success in their organization. With an experiential focus on coaching practice and feedback from experienced trainers, the module is tailored to organizational needs and would typically develop the following skills:
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  • Establishing agreements – Developing strong relationships with direct reports
  • Understanding coaching principles and the GROW Model – Introducing a new approach to management
  • Establishing trust – Creating a safe, supportive, blame-free and challenging environment through mutual respect and trust
  • Active listening – Enhanced, open communication, clarity and partnership
  • Powerful questioning – Empowering direct reports
  • Asking permission – Partnering and creating ownership for direct reports
  • Coaching feedback – Development of direct reports and effective performance management reviews
  • Setting goals that energize and motivate – Development of direct reports, performance management and aligning individual purpose and organizational targets
  • Setting/reviewing actions – Enhanced performance management
  • Creating awareness for current performance and behaviours – Enhanced performance management and empowerment
  • Building responsibility for improvements and solutions – Innovation and risk-taking
  • Building coaching behaviours that will be sustained – Sustainability and job satisfaction

“Coaching for Performance is a powerful learning experience with real-life value.”
Peter Engleman, Group Manager, Agency Development, Brandwatch (USA)
Coaching for Performance and Purpose (Intermediate)

This second two-day module builds on the first module's foundations by developing and enhancing skills and exploring the change process from a deeper level. Observed practice provides the opportunity to develop more advanced coaching management skills. Skills options for this module include:
Ability to handle challenging situations, enterprising, stamina and support team of Team Building
  • Leadership vision – Strong facilitative leadership
  • Transformational management – Effective at communicating and enabling change and inspiring high performance
  • Acknowledgement – Increased motivation and commitment in direct reports
  • Self-management – Enhanced trust and confidence
  • Empowering people – Enhanced performance management
  • Coaching feedback – Continuous alignment
  • Bottom-lining – Enhanced communication and quicker decision-making
  • Accountability – Increased responsibility in direct reports
  • Working with limiting mindsets & inner critic – Increased performance from people who are underperforming
  • Designing the relationship – Strong relationships with direct reports
  • Bringing coaching into work relationships – Fully integrating coaching into your management style

Coaching for Transformational Change (Advanced)

This third two-day module takes the coaching style of management to the level of transformation. Options for this module include exploring inner leadership, self-mastery, authenticity, whole systems transformation, the neuroscience of human change and its application within business, and advanced coaching competencies to help develop transformative leadership and create sustained excellence and maximum performance.
Challenging situations processing capabilities of employees in Teambuilding
The Wow Factor

Our coach training provides cutting-edge leadership and management development. The style is experiential (not theoretical), highly interactive and takes advantage of accelerated learning techniques. Throughout, the focus is on real-life examples (not role play) and “learning by doing” so that learning is achieved through insightful peer and facilitator feedback. This approach is successful with even the most sceptical or reluctant of participants.
Coach Certification Option

For those who do wish to become coaches or to gain professional coach accreditation, all our programmes are aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and they can connect their training and follow our Coach Certification Pathway which offers the opportunity to develop authentic and powerful coaching skills that integrate performance and purpose, and gain an internationally recognized professional coaching credential that has credibility around the world.

The C4P-i curriculum is aligned with the ICF professional coaching certification process. On attending and successfully completing the course requirements for module of C4P-i, participants will receive a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) noting the hours they have completed. These contribute to the coach-specific training hours required for a Portfolio application for an ICF Credential.
Train-the-Trainer Option

We work with clients worldwide to tailor coaching programmes as well as equip in-house coach trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver them. Once your trainers have successfully completed a Train the Trainer programme, they will achieve accreditation as an approved Performance Conusultants coach trainer able to roll out coach-training programmes internally. We partner with you to create a programme that will perfectly fit your needs.
Order an In-house Programme

To order an off-the-shelf C4P-i programme in house, or to discuss how we can design and tailor a programme to meet your organization's exact requirements, please contact Tiffany Gaskell on +44 (0)20 7373 6431.
Looking to Join One of our Global Public Courses?
We also deliver public-access performance coaching training globally (see Global Training Diary (Public Courses)). Coaching for Performance is the industry gold standard executive coaching training for leaders, managers and coaches of organizations. Aligned with the ICF certification process, it is a three-level open-enrolment programme specifically designed for executives who want to develop a coaching style of management and coaches who want to develop their executive coaching skills or gain coach certification.

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