You are climbing, rafting, water bath kings of old, playing in the water park, ferris wheel, a versatile player, the Son Tinh Thuy Tinh visit, traveling first cruise on the lake is always joking with birds in the garden. After enjoying the special dishes of the mountainous region of Tan Vien paint, you can visit Thuong Temple, Middle Temple, Mia pagoda, Temple And, ruins Chairman of Ho Chi Minh.
Resorts hotel Ao Ao King King, a three-star system in modern room, fully equipped, with meeting rooms, conference hall with a capacity of 700 seats, the VIP room, dining room, meeting workshops are suitable for meetings elegance. Besides massge services, karaoke, tennis courts, multiple swimming pools await you. The outdoor activities such as climbing, campfire, cultural exchange, entertainment spots in service with thousands of employees, dedicated security, hospitality await you!
With an elegant dining room system, courteous, accommodating over 300 people, with a staff that is enthusiastic, professional gives you a comfortable feeling. The specialties of the Tan Vien Son will be professional chefs sophisticated processing. Besides, with the VIP dining room, courtesy, elegance is suitable for conferences, birthdays, meetings.
Conference room hotel Ao King can accommodate 50 people or more. Arranged harmoniously with modern audio equipment accordingly. Conference room layout with separate spaces, quiet.
Besides hotel rooms Hall Pond King accommodating over 500 people, airy space, suitable for meetings, meet clients.
King of the Pond Hotel offers modern accommodation 3 star standard. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities, cozy and very private.
Also King Ao hotel also has massage services with a team of skilled staff will give you a moment to relax after the hard working day.
Besides Karaoke services with a modern sound system, continuously tracks the latest updates. Rooms are decorated theater is very convenient for favorable space group or family together for fun day of rest and relaxation. hidden in the natural vegetation is the waterfall, streams where there are so many ancient legends, cool waters, which the King was bathing, the animals and nature mingles poetic truth.
Resorts Eco Pond King is endowed with amazing space, over the mountains, waterfalls and babbling streams flowing. Below is a blue water lakes, each fish swimming around more.
You have been climbing, wading streams, has been sailing on the water cooler.
Besides, floor systems, specialty canteen with rich mountains await you. Dining room is spacious, airy and entertainment areas ... Garden modern ethnic nation with Vietnam existed for people to discover.
Pond King, the Tourism for domestic and foreign customers with many services and entertainment rich and diverse.
Guests will visit the Son Tinh Thuy Tinh, the unique reconstruction of the area in the past.
Play area with many forms of entertainment such as swimming pools for adults and children. Speedboats and water skiing brings adventurous thrills, refreshing but very safe.
In addition, you also participate in walks to mountain forests, parks Ecotourism cool. After moments of fun and immerse yourself in your entertainment area is bathed in cool water really comfortable. Besides, you will also be competing in the race car speed, extremely attractive.
6/5 Đặng Văn Sâm, P2, Tân Bình, TPHCM.
Tel: (028) 2244 3737 / 2247 3838
Hotline: 0901391886 / 0919561886

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