Lesson of solidarity from the story of three mice

The Team Building Company (theteambuildingcompany.com)- Lesson of solidarity from the story of three mice. Regardless of whether you play games, study or work, there is a sense of solidarity. Solidarity will create the soul for the collective, making us always achieve the best results.
Three mice got together to steal the fat, but the grease was too deep, and the fat came to the bottom of the jar, so they could only smell the fat. Only sniffing without eating makes them extremely hungry. The more they crave, the more annoyed and anxious they are, but the anxiety can not solve the problem, so they retreat and think.
Finally, they came up with a very nice way, that a rat bit the tail of another mouse, tied to the bottom of the fat jar. They came to a consensus that they would take turns eating fat, having good fortune and no one had selfish thoughts.
The first mouse was brought down to eat first, he thought: "The fat is only a little like this, but people eat each other, they do not stick teeth. Today as if I'm lucky, ignore them. I keep on knocking.
The second mice in the middle thought, "The fat below is not so much, but the first mouse to eat all turned out to be nothing? I have to suffer miserably suspended people floating in the middle. Let the first rat enjoy it! Or just let it go, then jump down to fill yourself up for the craving. "
Third mice also thought to themselves: "That little fat wait for the other two mice to do what their own, only then multiply them out and then I jump down to eat a full meal more".
So, the second rats ruthlessly dropped the tail of the first rat, the third mouse hurriedly dropped the tail of the second mouse and rushed into the jar.
And when they satisfied their cravings, they found out that their men were soaking wet, plus the jar, their feet were slippery, they could not escape the fat jar. Finally, all three mice died in a fat jar.
An excellent team must have the same goal, and each member must have a strong belief in the capacity and qualities of the other members, and must strictly adhere to every commitment to the team.
This story is a practical lesson of many social relationships. Lots of evidence has proven that successful managers, apart from themselves, have a great deal of expertise, more important than honesty and passion. Anyone who for their own benefit, regardless of the interests of the collective, will soon be rejected by the collective.
Those who do not want to help others will never receive help from others. Only sincerity of cooperation among team members can easily accomplish group goals.
We, each member, each employee must be loyal and responsible for his own work, not only for his own interests but for the interests of others. Thus, we create new cohesion, enhance competitiveness, maximize the growth potential of your business.

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