Teambuilding Lagi - Teambuilding Khe Ga (Ke Ga), Apply all hidden possibilities in every individual to confront challenges in life. Members have to pass a 500m of Sea. Only teamwork can help members overcome easily. Experience the feeling of floating on the waves, soak up the fight of Paintball, amorously with wondrous beauty of Khe Ga Island, together on the raft back to the mainland.
Information about this team building program: 
- Duration: 2D1N / 3D2N
- Quantity: 20-150 pax.
- Accommodation: 3-5 stars hotel.
- Transport: Bus
This Teambuilding program designed includes 2 major challenge by Vietnam Team Building. To conquer Khe Ga Point - this is a exciting place for team building activities, the participants had to overcome the difficult challenges to sales the goods and rent the transportation facilities, transportation and application of all possibilities implicit in every individual to handle unexpected situations arranged by organizing committee. Members must swim through the Strait 500m. Only teamwork can help members overcome easily. Clues (clues) in each stage will only lead to the next destination or direct the team to make a particular challenge. The challenge will be modeled by local cultural characteristics.
- Affirm the importance of teamwork
- Removing the barrier between the members of the company.
- Encouraging the spirit of the members of the company for major projects.
- Build trust and support each other to develop together.
- Enterprise culture construction. Expressing pride to work at the company.
- Develop creative and dynamic teams, flexible in problem solving.
- Develop a healthy collective. Build a sustainable company.
- Always for the benefit of the Company
- For individuals: practice patience, wakefulness. Knowing how to protect and save corporate resources. Develop communication skills and leadership skills.
For more information please contact:
56 Nguyen Van Cong, Go Vap, HCM, Vietnam.
612A Hoang Hoa Tham, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Hotline: +84.901391886

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