The BCR Resort - District 9, HCMC

Located in the center of District 9, not far away from Ho Chi Minh City, The BCR is a quite spacious and airy resort, as a quite ideal, attractive and interesting venue for a day teambuilding activities in HCM city. Resort offers fully equipped to meet a teambuilding event from 20-2000 people.

Photo about The BCR resort
Panorama photo about The BCR resort
Beach of BCR resort
Photos artificial lake built on the sea
Photo game fish in the lake
Photos sailing on the river
Photos adventure games on the river in District 9
Images look things in the balls
Photo shooter receive fruit
Photos tourists who were present in the shooting game
Image guests delighted to receive delicious fruit
Images of fruits will be received when his shot hit the kind of love
Image guests excited for the game

Pictures relax by fishing on the lake

Photo entrance amusement park shooting
Photos of tourists fishing on lake

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56 Nguyen Van Cong, Go Vap district, HCM
Hotline for foreigner: +84.901391886

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