Vietnam Team Building Products - Part 1

All products of VietnamTeambuilding can be conducted in the following form:
* Picnic Activities (outdoor activities)
* Activities in room (indoor hoạt)
* Activities lasted several days (chain or serial activities)
Depending on the customer's assessment of their own needs, VietNamTeambuilding will advise the customer to choose the form of organization is best suited to its objectives and budget allows. VietNamTeambuildingc and each particular situation, do not depend on the form and venue services.
VietNamTeambuilding products can be done individually or perform a combination of multi-purpose or message. You can refer to the list of VietNamTeambuilding products.
The products are divided according to the needs VietNamTeambuilding as follows:
Group 1: Build a team - team building
Products: Building unity and awareness of the position of each member in the structure of the department / team / group work.
When need:
1 room / board / organization / group newly formed
2 new room staff work together
3 new projects and the establishment of project members come from many different departments within the company.
The goal: To get the new unit members to understand each other in their personality, work methods, ways of thinking and reacting on the job.
Benefits of the product
1 Shorten the time to familiarize
2 Create a sense of camaraderie right from the start.
3 Create the environment reveals the advantages and all the sensitive points of the members to help complete the work quickly and efficiently to make sure.
Products: Learn the power of the individual and the tolerant mutual understanding
When need:
1 In units disunity mild, occurred due to encouraging personal insurance
2 Individuals can not stand each other's habits and not concede another (eg, smoking, personal hygiene, said to the room, heavy makeup, gossip ...)
3 Many people place too much importance to the privacy and does not accept compromises in a team environment to achieve goal: the personal views of the other aspects of his friends and realized the source of each action of himself and of those around him. Since then her and make adjustments to sympathize with others.
Benefits of the product:
1 Create an environment where each individual can show the talents and his personality is different from what is usually seen in the office.
2 Create extraordinary environment for office help individuals reduce barriers and individual harmony in the game, since it has happy memories closer to the life office
3 Create an environment where management staff can talk openly about these things difficult to say that the work environment is very difficult or impossible to convey.
4 Each participant can recognize themselves in the other person's perspective.
5 Each participant will be able to recognize other people's all colleagues are doing the same with her​​.
Products: Construction is a proud member of a large company and cognitive impact of the interaction to other members of their activities whether distant or near, do the same position or not.
When need:
1. The company has a range of activities spanning multiple regions or countries.
2. Members often operate individually, though aware that he was there the same as colleagues in other localities, but not or rarely met.
3. Being affected by each other through everyday tasks (eg sales under the influence of advertising, promotional activity is influenced by the display, the encroachment encroachment online sales, consumer impression or customers of their territory, see the activity of a region and compare with the upcoming activities of other areas ...).
The goal to achieve:
1 Each member becomes aware of the growth of the company.
2 Each member becomes aware of their role in the overall operation.
3 Creating the connection and attachment and shared among colleagues.
4 Construction company culture on a large scale of the whole system.
Benefits of the product:
1 Create the environment for remote members meet and communicate feelings
2 Creating a friendly environment information exchange, professional, experienced, pressing ...
3 Get a mutual sympathy and mutual help after returning to the company of each person.
4 Create a network communication system-a kind of unofficial, voluntary and effective (besides the official information system of the company)

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