Nha Trang Bay

 Tony,   ,   19/04/2020
With blue beaches, gentle waves and fresh air, Nha Trang Bay is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors.

Nha Trang bay

Nha Trang Bay


Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province.


With blue beaches, gentle waves and fresh air, Nha Trang Bay is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors.

With an area of ​​about 507km², including 19 large and small islands, Nha Trang Bay is one of the rare natural models of bay system in the world. The bay gathers most of rare typical ecosystems of tropical sea such as coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass... With diversified ecosystem, Nha Trang Bay becomes an ideal habitat of rare and valuable animal species, including swallow, sea turtle, red coral, Pinctada maxima, Cypraecassis rufa, sheep’s ear abalone (Haliotis ovina)…

The climate

The climate in the bay is divided into two distinct seasons, the dry season from January to August, the rainy season from September to December with an annual average temperature of 26°C. Many islands in the bay have put into operation in tourism such as Chong Islet, Tre Islet, Bich Dam, Mun Islet, Tam Islet… Of which, Tre Islet – the largest islet in the bay with an area of over 3,000ha – attracts the most visitors with 5-star accommodation and golf course, Vinpearl Land Amusement Park and the world’s longest sea-crossing car cable (at the time of inauguration in March 2007) with the total length of 3,320m. To Tre Islet, visitors will have the opportunity to rest and bath in the sea; and also experience cuisine, shopping and sports, entertainment activities such as aquariums, water music, water park, thrilling games, indoor games, surfing, water ball, jet skiing, scuba diving...

Mun Islet

Mun Islet is also a must-see destination for visitors when visiting Nha Trang Bay. The seabed in Mun Islet has high biological diversity and gathers a lot of sea creatures, especially corals with about 350 species, accounting for over 40% of all hard coral species in the world. Mun Islet sea was planed as the first marine protected area of ​​Viet Nam. Here, visitors can dive snorkeling, ride glass-bottom boat or walk under the sea to admire the magnificent water world of Nha Trang sea. Hon Mun is also the place, where many couples choose to take underwater wedding photos.

Tam Islet

Tam Islet is also an ideal destination for recreation and leisure activities. Hon Tam Resort built on the islet offers many Asian villas and multi-service system to serve visitors such as parachuting, jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing, high-speed motorcycle...

Tri Nguyen Fish Lake

Tri Nguyen Fish Lake Tourist Area in Mieu Islet is an interesting destination for people who love sea creatures. This is a sea lake parted by the stone revetment system. The lake breeds hundreds of valuable and rare sea creatures. Tri Nguyen Aquarium in Tri Nguyen Fish Lake Tourist Area – a miniature ocean with lots of precious fishes and marine plants has the shape of a fossil ship covered fully moss. Soi Beach which is about a few hundred meters from Tri Nguyen Fish Lake Tourist Area offers recreation activities for visitors such as jet skiing, parachuting, scuba diving...

Swallow’s Nests

Referring to Nha Trang, can not forget swallow’s nests – a specialty of Nha Trang City. Many islands in Nha Trang Bay is home to swallows, of which Noi Islet is the most famous. To Noi Islet, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the temple of swallow’s nest ancestor to learn about the history of formation and development of this craft and climb the stone steps leading Du Ha Mountain top to take nice photos on natural scenery of swallow islet. Noi Islet also owns Doi (Twin) Beach made from a curved sand bar on the two sides as two letters C leaning against each other. The sea here is calm and clear. Visitors can swim, watch colorful corals and fishes, enjoy dishes made from swallow’s nests in the restaurant on the island and buy many products from swallow such as original swallow’s nests, refined nests, ginseng swallow’s nests...

The most beautiful bays in the world

In June 2003, Nha Trang Bay became the 29th member of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world.

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