What is Team Building?

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What is Team Building? Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team, a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing a purpose and goals.

What is team building?

Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team, a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing a purpose and goals.

Team building can include the daily interaction that employees engage in when working together to carry out the requirements of their jobs. It can also involve structured activities and exercises that either employees lead or they contract out for facilitation with an external resource.


When using an external facilitator for team building, groups can participate in structured activities that are designed to help the employees coalesce into an effective team. Generally, the facilitator works with a group of employees to design the team building activities or sessions. These can include ice breakers, discussion topics, games, cooperative assignments, and group brainstorming. 


What is Team Building? to easily understand the concept of team-building, we roughly translated "teambuilding" is team-building. Just imagine the process of building team spirit as well as building a house. You really need a solid foundation before building wall, roof. And when the frame was sure then the interior installation process, the details they can not be seen but essential as electricity and water systems and nothing is difficult. Finally, just a little more decorative, you've got a full house, beautiful steadily to live.

This shows that the core of a solid foundation is the cohesion, everyone feels they are members of the group, feel valued and important. When a team member feel like an outsider, or can not mingle with the other members, it is clear that the foundation of the collective unstable. It can completely collapse before someone had the opportunity to repair this connection. And a good way to start building the foundation through fish movement games help people communicate, understand each other better and soak up the collective. According to the published statistics, every year, the nations of the world spend trillions of dollars on Team Building, Team Building What is this? It is the magic wand that turns all the trouble of enterprise becomes more perfect or not?

Let's find out (build team) Team building is:

Team building is essentially a course (normally held outdoors) based on the different games for students (participants) experienced situations before then based on the instructor's questions (facilitator) to draw out the lessons learned on the job, in order to adjust the attitude and behavior of individuals working together toward the common goals of the organization.

Teambuilding should be made ​​to the organization:

Team building is a required course for most of the units that need to be coordinated work of individuals and different departments in the same organization. Teambuilding is even really necessary for those organizations where conflicts occur and the lack of unity, cohesion and unit members. Also Teambuilding is also necessary for the organization have many branch offices located in different geographic regions of the country and abroad. This is an opportunity for members to understand and enhance working relationships with each other.

Teambuilding bring what results:

After a teambuilding course, the meaning is often drawn as:

To communicate with each other easily and more effectively especially for employees not part of the same company, or the same parts, but little opportunity to work together to become a team training nhau.Thuc leader through planning, organizing, assigning work, layout, arrangement of members and appropriate resources to drive the team to achieve goals chung.Dua the collective power to create and offer solutions to address de.Nhan know the personality of the other members of the team, the strengths and weaknesses of each individual to complement and coordinate with each other to work well hon.Kha predictability, planning, risk hedging and handle unexpected situations ... good management and use of its resources nghiep.Xay up the spirit of solidarity and mutual trust, the healthy competition between features together, recognize the "overall picture" and the direction to a team's success ty.Tao the atmosphere relaxing, comfortable, have fun learning to reduce stress at work every ngay.Ngoai depending on the nature of work and the requirements of the company's leadership, teambuilding program organizers could lead to significant others dedicated to the sales department, project, production ...

Teambuilding venue and time of the program how to match:

Depending on the nature, frequency Teambuilding organization, funding, nature of work, so each business has different needs, usually the execution time from 1 to 2 day teambuilding, outdoor largely held with the terrain to create a diverse and interesting as the combined support boring empty lot, pool, beach, mountain, forest ...

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