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What is Team Building?

To easily understand the concept of TeamBuilding, we temporarily translate “TeamBuilding” as building a team. Imagine the process of building teamwork is like building a house. You need a very solid foundation before building walls and roofing. And when the frame is solid, the process of installing the interior, the details that cannot be seen by outsiders but are essential such as the electrical and water system are not difficult. Finally, just a little more decoration and you have a beautiful home to live in.

The above shows that the core of a strong team is cohesion, each person feels like a member of the group, feels valued and important. In tours that combine team building, or in business operations, when a team member feels that he is an outsider or cannot mingle with other members, it is clear that the of that group is not stable. It could completely fall apart before anyone has a chance to fix this link.

Image: Teambuilding makes communicating with each other easier.

And a good method to start rebuilding the foundation is through movement games organized by Mc teambuilding or Coach in teambuilding training courses to help people communicate, better understand each other and immerse themselves in the practice. body. According to published statisticians, every year, countries around the world spend trillions of dollars on TeamBuilding, so what is Team Building? Is teambuilding training a magic wand that can make all the troubles of the business more perfect? Let’s find out what is Team building?

Image: Teambuilding, together we win. (source: internet)

Team Building is essentially a course (usually held outdoors) based on different games to let students (participants) experience the situations first, then based on the questions of the lecturer. Facilitator to draw practical lessons at work, in order to adjust individual attitudes and behaviors while working together towards the common goal of the organization.

“Team building is an effective form of support for personnel construction and development. Team building is both a course and a game in which participants interact with each other to solve situations (simulation)”

Le Ngoc – Team building expert.

For better understand the essence of teambuilding, let’s dissect the word “T-E-A-M”.

What is team?

When we talk about collectives, we immediately think of this word. Language is magical and interesting. TEAM itself does not know if it was intentionally or unintentionally assembled from meaningful characters that, according to the interpretation of team builders, are the initials of the following words:

  • M = MORE

There are many different translation versions, but also with the overall meaning of “Together people will achieve many things and more”. Or someone translates it as “Only together can the team achieve many achievements and go further”.

Image: Interpretation of “TEAM”

Team building needs to be done for which organizations?

Team building is a necessary course for most units in which there is a need to coordinate the work of different individuals and departments in the same organization. Teambuilding is even more necessary for organizations where there are conflicts and lack of unity and cohesion between members and departments. In addition, Teambuilding is also necessary for organizations with many branch offices located in different geographical regions across the country and abroad.

Teambuilding training extracurricular activities combined with teambuilding tours are also an opportunity for members to understand and strengthen working relationships with each other. Therefore, MC rental units or event program organizers must pay attention to this issue in order to have an appropriate evocative guide to help participants self-disclose, share their experiences, and receive new ideas. his consciousness.

Image: Team Building is medicine for businesses if they know how to apply.

What results does team building bring to?

After a Teambuilding course, what are the meanings often drawn?

1. What effectiveness does Teambuilding bring to communication?

Communication is easier and more effective, especially for employees who do not share the same department in the company, or those who share the same department but have little opportunity to work together. Therefore, businesses are often very interested in finding mc teambuilding / Coach or Trainers rental services of team building companies to connect collective strength and teamwork, create consensus from the top down. below in your unit.Team Building with Communication

2. Does team building offer an opportunity to become a team leader?

Yes. Practice becoming a team leader through planning, organizing, assigning work, arranging, arranging members and resources appropriately to guide the team towards achieving common goals.Team Building with team leader

3. Does team building help solve problems faster?

Based on collective strength to create and come up with solutions to solve problems. It’s definitely faster. Because none of us are smarter than all of us.
Team Building with Solving Problem

4. How does team building help identify the personality of team members?

In a team, members all play an important role. None of us are perfect! Teambuilding help to Recognize the personality of other team members, strengths and weaknesses of each person to complement and work together better. Each of us is a gem, if we know how to combine it will form a crown.

Team Building with recognize strengths and weaknesses

5. Does Team Building Bring Predictability?

It does. Good coordination among team members will help the team reduce many risks. It gives the team the ability to forecast, plan, prevent risks, handle unexpected situations…
Team building give team ability to forcast

6. Team building has an effect on saving resources?

Teamwork helps us to make good use of available enterprise resources in the most efficient way. Team building also transmits the message of protecting the common assets of the business (and the community)
Team building make good use of the enterprise resource

7. What is the most important role of team building?

Build the spirit of solidarity, mutual trust, healthy competition among the teams, realize the “comprehensive picture” and work towards the collective success of the company.
The most important role of team building

8. How does team building help reduce work pressure?

Team building create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, play while learning, to reduce stress in daily work. Through team building games, people will interact more with each other. Everyone can play with each other comfortably. And especially, everyone will realize a certain lesson eventually.
Team building help interact each other

How about team building venue and the program duration?

Depending on the nature and frequency of Teambuilding, funding, and nature of work, each business has its own needs, usually the time to perform Teambuilding is from 1 to 2 days, most of which are outdoor organizations with Diverse types of terrain to create interesting and less boring as a combination of vacant land, swimming pool, beach, mountain, forest …

Usually, according to Vietnamteambuilding’s experience, Teambuilding is best done at resorts where there are many different terrains to choose from.

Image: Beach and lawn are two favorite terrains chosen by many businesses for outdoor team building.

The notes on organizing team building activities.

Team building principle 1:

“Buddhist temple is not sacred”. This is an important principle in organizing teambuilding activities. Do not use company personnel to lead teambuilding activities. It is often ineffective and even counterproductive.

What is the main reason? In order to achieve high efficiency in teambuilding training activities, it is often necessary to simulate conditions similar to reality. And then, acquaintances will tend to give in. It is difficult for them to strictly comply with the requirements of Teambuilding activities. Not to mention, some people still think this is a game. But it is not a serious scientific activity. As a result, they will often bypass some “barriers”. But sometimes it is the creation of that “barrier” that is the core of teambuilding activities. And of course, that “barrier” is only available when using “out-source” human resources.

Team building principle 2:

“Don’t be too pushy about the goal”. When you establish a clear purpose of Teambuilding. Then you want to execute the plan fully. However, as I have shared with many businesses, teambuilding is not a factory. At the factory, we create a process to produce products with the quantity and quality as planned. However, teambuilding is made up of many nuances and levels of emotions. Which we ourselves cannot quantify through the organization of teambuilding plans. Therefore, let’s be flexible to achieve the highest efficiency in organizing teambuilding.

Image: organizing team building on the beach

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