1 Day Team Building Program In Saigon

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1 day team building program in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh city - is designed and provided for businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby for traveling and playing within 1 day.

1 day team building program in Ho Chi Minh city, Saigon, HCMc

Team building program 1 day in Ho Chi Minh City is a team building program designed and provided by Viet Nam Team Building for businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and businesses in neighboring areas with plans to move and operate within 1 day. With the aim of creating the most convenient, fast and easy when the business needs to organize team building in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas with a radius of 100km. Ho Chi Minh City is an area with many places to visit, historic sites, large tourist areas suitable for team building plans 1 day.

For who?

  1. For businesses with little time.
  2. For groups of people who do not like to travel far.
  3. Teams like safety.
  4. Businesses with tight costs.
  5. Businesses cannot book the service far away due to overload during peak season (rooms, restaurants, lawns, transportation vehicles, tour guides, mc team building, attractions, air tickets, ...)
  6. Businesses like lightness, quickness, and quick return.
  7. Want more people to join.

If for those reasons or similar you cannot go far, when you read this article, you are looking for the right place to get the best support!

Vietnam Team Building specializes in organizing team building packages 1 day, 1 session, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, ... these are specialized packages just for team building needs to create interaction and connection. effective. Depending on your needs and budget, Vietnam Team Building can develop programs and quotes for each business. Or you can also use our packages available at optimal cost and achieve the desired effect.

Types of team building

What types of teambuilding can be applied to one day teambuilding program in HCMC?

Teambuilding 1 day in HCMC There are many types of organization:

💥 Type 1: Businesses can choose the Amazing Race Saigon Conqueror, move to perform challenges and explore famous historical sites in Ho Chi Minh City.

💥 Type 2: The second type that can be applied is Teambuilding Outdoor at a specific location such as: Tourist area, ecological area, park, lawn, .... With this type can be divided into many categories. small:

+ Big Games tracing messages left through many stations with different terrains and locations.

+ Sport day focused, continuous and powerful game.

+ Advocacy with massive game tools.

💥 Type 3: combining Amazing discover Saigon and Big Games to search for corporate messages. This type is quite time consuming because it has to go through many stages. But what the participants get are authentic experiences that cannot be bought with money.

💥 Type 4: Teambuilding organization with teambuilding game specific for indoor (indoor game activities). This type is held indoors (hall, restaurant, ciminar meeting room, ...) and is often combined with meetings (meeting, seminar, workshop). This type has the advantage of being safe, not affected by external conditions, easy to perform in meetings, and cost-effective. But the downside is the lack of space to inspire participants, it is not convenient to set-up team building games because it is narrow.

Vietnam Team Building is a reputable, professional, quality and effective teambuilding organization company with the best performance for businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide. With a staff of dynamic, creative, experienced and professional staff, dedicated and attentive service will surely meet even the most difficult needs of the enterprise. With many years' dedication to businesses, Vietnam Team Building is honored to be voted by business magazine as the most popular teambuilding brand. That is the motivation for the VNTBD team to continue efforts to create, better serve customers.

Why choose?

What is the benefit of joining the 1 day team building program in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam Team Building?

→ Join a team of professional mc with the ability to connect and convey very good messages.
→ Awareness impact: games combine speakers to help each participant understand themselves first, know who they are, always strive and then use their ability to devote their best to the business.
→ Help with elimination: an opportunity to identify and screen staff.
→ Quick support 24/7 by a professional consultant team.
Vietnam Team Building with the participation of top HR coaches and good speakers specializing in teamwork skills such as: TS. Le Tham Duong, Team Building Specialist Le Ngoc, Trainer Nguyen Thanh Trung, MC The Phuong, ... We will be the answer to your real needs.

Download the program

Click here to download reference program: ► DOWNLOAD 1 DAY TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM

1 day teambuilding quotation:
→ Teambuilding package with speakers and coaching experts. ► Request a quote
→ Basic teambuilding package is available. ► Request a quote
Come to Vietnam Team Building to experience the truly meaningful team building programs, with the most attractive and novel team building locations.

Vietnam Joint Stock Company Team Building is a unit specialized in organizing team building for businesses, a company that organizes team building professionally and with top quality reputation in Vietnam. Vietnam Team Building is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and is represented in most of the provinces and cities nationwide. We provide team building services in package or in part for businesses (also known as corporate team building) in all provinces. If your business comes from other provinces and wants to find the most professional team building company, please pick up the phone and call us right away for the most dedicated support. We receive booking 24/7, any time you need.

Please refer to our implemented projects & valued customers here: PORTFOLIO.


See more videos of team building organized by Vietnam Team Building at: https://www.vietnamteambuilding.net/videos

and https://www.youtube.com/vietnamteambuildingcorporation/videos

Detailed services provided by Vietnam Team Building

(note: we only serve businesses)

  1. - Organize team building tours with top quality packages (team building, restaurant, hotel, sightseeing, tour guide, air ticket, train ticket, tour car).
  2. - Professional team building organization (not including tour service).
  3. - Team building training: for sales department, for customer care, for managers, for new employees, ...
  4. - Organize family day (family day), organize sports festival (sport day).
  5. - Professional mc rental: mc team building, gala mc, campfire, year end party, new year party mc, sport day, mc family day, other events.
  6. - For rent (provided with mc team building attached): rental of game tools team building equipment, team building radio speakers, stage backdrop staging design.

Visit the following links to see our services live:


Methods of contact for work and cooperation:

- Objects: Corporate customers (we do not serve individuals or retail customers graft union).

- You provide the clearest and most transparent information to receive wholehearted support from VNTBD. Information includes: Company name, Number of participants, Date of organization & duration, Location of desired team building organization, Desired team building program, Desired effects in team building, Requirements Another special, contact person phone number for easy contact support.

For all needs to organize professional team building, with quality, please contact Vietnam Team Building - the leading team building company in Vietnam & event company in Vietnam according to the information below:


56 Nguyen Van Cong, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

☎Tel: +84 282247 3838

📱Hotline: +84 901 39 1886

Email: info@vietnamteambuilding.net

Website: www.vietnamteambuilding.net

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